Beyond client work, I am often designing my own promotional materials, creating gifts, volunteering, or doing some sort of project that is fun.

Given the opportunity to learn and use a laser cutter, I made a mini forest and some wooden Forest logos. 

Interviewing creatives for a new podcast was inspiring, so I designed a set of “you inspire me” cards to give each guest so they could help share my notion that the motive is the message.

It is no secret… I love riding bicycles. I designed a series of t-shirts celebrating the noblest invention and its virtuous trajectory titled all bikes go to heaven

When it was time to sponsor youth soccer, I teamed up with my two elementary aged kids to design a jersey graphic that they would actually want to wear.

Imagine the shock when an ultrasound was taken showing that the addition to our family was already riding a bike! The image was used to announce our big news to family and friends.  

Handwritten letters are still sent in my family, so an official wax seal needed to be designed. I created a two headed cat, imagining our two black cats merging into one evil force for good.

the Forest design + engagement