I the forest...

...the trees, the air, the adventure. Whether I’m riding, exploring, or simply breathing in the fresh air, I always feel alive in the forest – continually inspired.

Design for those who give a sh*t

I’m a professional designer and creative director using my communication talents to inspire action and create positive impact. I have been collaborating with non-profits, charities and do-gooders since 2008. I amplify their good work and powerful ideas to make the world safer, cleaner and fairer for everyone… because I give a shit. Creating change is hard, but I do my best.

the Forest design + engagement
Energy Futures Lab website, logo and branding

Collaboratively addressing complex energy challenges

Energy Futures Lab

The energy transition requires more than just technological advancement. The Energy Futures Lab is an Alberta-based coalition of diverse innovators and leading organizations working together to accelerate the transition to the energy system the future requires of us. After I completed a brand refresh that included refining the logo, creating brand guidelines and developing a set of icons and graphics, I restructured, redesigned, and wrote new content for the Energy Futures Lab website to better communicate the unique qualities of the organization that works in a polarized political landscape. I have also designed several other pieces of collateral, including reports and slide decks.

The responsive WordPress site was rebuilt by SpaceRace Digital.

the Forest design + engagement
Nest Lab branding, website, illustrations, reports and videos

Collaborative climate solutions

Nest Lab

The Nest Lab is an award-winning social innovation lab advancing collaborative community action on climate change in Nelson, British Columbia.

I was responsible for the creation and design of all marketing assets, including branding, digital content strategy, the website, writing, slide decks, primers and reports. I also planned and scripted the various videos produced for the lab and was the lab’s Project Lead and Co-facilitator. 

The single page website began as the main recruitment tool to engage a diverse group of community members to explore the climate challenge and possible solutions. Once the lab started, I transitioned the focus to showcase the local, participant-led initiatives that were worked on.

The responsive WordPress site was built by SpaceRace Digital. Videos were illustrated and produced by Sustainability Illustrated.

the Forest design + engagement
Nature Canada poster, illustrations, advertisement, conference branding, marketing collateral

Nature needs our voice

Nature Canada

As one of the oldest national nature conservation charities in the country, Nature Canada helps protect countless species, parks and wildlife areas. I have designed magazine and billboard ads, created partnership materials, illustrated graphics and icons, and developed the logo, branding and marketing collateral for their Nature-Based Climate Solutions Summit.

the Forest design + engagement
Pembina Institute branding, website, reports, infographics

Leading Canada’s transition to clean energy

Pembina Institute

Providing expertise to industry and government leaders, the Pembina Institute advocates for a strong science-based approach to policy regulation, environmental protection and energy development. Having worked with the Institute for 15 years, I have designed countless infographics, reports, donor campaigns, templates and websites. I also ran a brand refresh and led the complete overhaul of the main website which included design, content strategy, site architecture, copywriting, project management, staff training and website administration.

The responsive Drupal site was built by Ryan Dorward.

the Forest design + engagement

Accelerating large-scale renewable energy

Business Renewables Centre Canada

BRC-Canada makes it easier for corporations to enter the renewable energy market and source directly from developers.

The website has a public facing side and an extensive members-only area with interactive resources, videos and reports. I developed the structure and design of the site, as well as several custom icons, social graphics, event materials and reports.

The responsive Drupal site was built by Ryan Dorward.

the Forest design + engagement
Osprey Community Foundation website and illustrations

Causes that matter in our community

Osprey Community Foundation

Nelson’s community foundation distributes grants to a variety of charitable organizations to positively impact our community. 

My priority for the new website was to restructure the content to make it easier for users to navigate and quickly find what they need, whether that is available grants or donation opportunities. With nearly 80 types of funds and several granting offerings, visitors are now able to better find what is available, donate much easier, and better appreciate how Osprey helps meet many community needs.

The responsive WordPress site was built by SpaceRace Digital.

the Forest design + engagement
David Suzuki Foundation reports, donation collateral, illustrations

Interconnected with nature and each other

David Suzuki Foundation

DSF is a national, bilingual non-profit organization that uses evidence-based research, education and policy analysis to protect the natural environment and help create a sustainable Canada. I have designed graphics and icons for several fundraising campaigns, reports, and social media promotions. I have been inspired by David Suzuki for several decades and see him as an iconic, outspoken advocate for the environment.

the Forest design + engagement
West Kootenay 100% Renewable Energy Plan website and reports

Renewable energy for the Kootenays

100% Renewable Energy Plan

Transitioning to renewable energy protects people’s health and well-being, creates sustainable employment, and avoids the worst effects of climate change like droughts, landslides, floods and wildfires. The West Kootenay 100% Renewable Energy Plan is the result of a collaborative effort to identify pathways for participating communities to make progress toward these renewable energy goals. I designed the website, final report and one-pagers for each of the nine local government partners.

The responsive WordPress site was built by SpaceRace Digital.

the Forest design + engagement
Selection of icon sets for various clients

Less is more

Select icon sets

When creating custom icons I ensure they communicate an idea, action or object effectively, with a common style that is inline with the brand of the project. This selection of icons were made for a variety of clients:
• Carson Integrated
• Pembina Institute
• Mountain Waters Spa
• Goldfinch Energy
• Business Renewal Centre Canada
• Motive is the Message
• Nature Canada
• Pembina Institute

the Forest design + engagement
Only in Nelson website, posters and t-shirt

Politics just got weirder

This award-winning documentary film by Amy Bohigian follows a colourful group of candidates along the campaign trail in a town in crisis over how to move forward amidst the wave of global populism encroaching on their counter-culture haven.

The website, posters, and t-shirts were designed to promote the film and highlight how we, in Nelson, live in a bubble.

the Forest design + engagement
Seasonings and Pairings cookbooks

Let your mouth water and your imagination soar

Nelson Public Library & Kootenay Co-op

When the Nelson Public Library launched an exciting new expansion project, the reality of needing funding created an opportunity to collaborate with the Kootenay Co-op. Seasonings: a year of local flavour in words and recipes is a literary cookbook that celebrates growing food, eating well and embracing the four seasons. It raised over $45,000 and was short-listed in the Canadian Culinary Book Awards.

The success of the Seasonings fundraiser led to the making of a second cookbook, where Nelson chefs were asked for their best-loved recipes and books. The result was Pairings: inspired food, inspiring words, a delicious fusion of the culinary and the creative.

Both were printed and bound in Canada on recycled FSC certified paper with vegetable based inks.

Photography for Pairings by David R. Gluns. Photography for Seasonings by Heather Goldsworthy.

the Forest design + engagement
Happy Gut water kefir branding, website and packaging

Smile on the inside

Happy Gut

Water Kefir is a live, sparkling probiotic beverage with multiple health benefits. Happy Gut sells do-it-yourself and done-for-you fermentation products from the Kootenays.I have had the pleasure of working with Happy Gut right from their start-up phase, through several rounds of scaling and maturing. I designed and developed the logo and branding, various product packaging, and the first two incarnations of their website. Watching Leeza pitch Happy Gut on Dragon’s Den in a theater was definitely a highlight.

the Forest design + engagement
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada website

Asia’s bridge to Canada

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada

Canada’s leading not-for-profit organization dedicated to strengthening ties between Canada and Asia with focus areas that include education, sustainability, trade and investment, and regional security. I redesigned the website with an emphasis on the user experience and explicitly designed it for longevity by “downplaying” design elements that ensure the content is front and center, regardless of what kind of device is being used.

The responsive Drupal site was built by Ryan Dorward.

the Forest design + engagement
APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership website

Inclusive growth and poverty reduction

APEC-Canada Growing Business Partnership

Building the potential of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) in APEC developing economies. This multilingual site is available in six languages, has interactive step-by-step toolkit modules (that can also collect user feedback) and handles extremely high loads of traffic and content.

The responsive Drupal site was built by Ryan Dorward.

the Forest design + engagement
Selection of logo designed for various clients

Can you make the logo bigger?

Select logos

Logos are one element of a brand (not the entirety of it). Ideally, they should be simple, relevant and versatile… and there is generally no need to make them bigger. 

This is a selection of logos completed for a variety of clients. Some are custom logos for new ventures, while others are logo refinements that run the gamut from a full-scale rebrand to a logo refresh. 

• Nature-based Climate Solutions Summit (Nature Canada)
• Energy Futures Lab
• Nexus Climate + Energy Strategy
• Goldfinch Energy
• Pembina Institute
• Investors for Paris Compliance
• Columbia Basin Water Hub (Living Lakes Canada)
• Polaris Strategy + Insight
• Nelson Waldorf School
• Happy Gut water kefir
• YaHerb
• OhMy ice cream 
• Kootenay Co-op
• Spruce Groove Records 
• Pippin Point
• Yonge Huslr
• Carson Integrated
• Wildelore 
• FirePro2 software
• Selkirk Snowcat Skiing• Trail Crew Design Corp.

the Forest design + engagement
Various book designs

Inspiring people make good books

Select local books

Fred Rosenberg has been photographing the people of Nelson for 40 years. Anecdotal Evidence is more than a collection of 116 black & white images spanning several decades; it’s a door into a world that is at once as small as a moment and as large as a community. Published by Ceriph Press.

Humans of Nelson is a local take on the popular Humans of New York. Ryan Oakley shed light on characters and stories of Nelson with this 232-page hardcover book. Printed and bound in Canada on recycled FSC certified paper with vegetable based inks.  

Eight years in the making, Paul Saso’s book, Kootenay Inspired, delves into the lives of twelve remarkable individuals, sharing their wisdom for living a purposeful, authentic and inspired life. Printed and bound in Canada on recycled FSC certified paper with vegetable based inks.

Originally published in 1981, A Curious Cage is the personal diary of Peggy Abkhazi of Victoria, BC, who was held in a civilian internment camp in Shanghai by the Japanese during WWII. I designed a new cover for its 3rd edition using artwork from the University of Victoria. Published by Sono Nis Press.The Weave is an in-depth guide for sustainability practitioners designing strategic engagements and includes suggestions, examples, and guiding principles to support increased engagement and buy-in. Beyond designingThe Weave, I co-authored it with Tracy Meisterheim and Alison Cretney as an outcome of our award-winning masters thesis. 

the Forest design + engagement
Waldorf school logo and website

A journey of discovery for lifelong learning

Nelson Waldorf School

Waldorf education is designed to reignite children’s imagination, self-esteem, and agency, while inspiring students to use their skills to create change.

After embarking on a brand refresh that reshaped the Waldorf logo, extended the colour palette, and provided a graphic standards guide, I redesigned the website to better highlight the “forest school” aspect of this unique education and reorganize the website’s structure and navigation to make it easier for users to navigate.

The responsive WordPress site was built by SpaceRace Digital. Logo refresh was done in collaboration with Sam Talbot.

the Forest design + engagement
Selkirk Snowcat Skiing website and logo

Hello powder-filled holiday

Selkirk Snowcat Skiing

Spectacular peaks surround Selkirk’s tenure on Meadow Mountain, framing what is often cited as the best cat serviced terrain in the world. Epic skiing and amazing snow! After embarking on a brand refresh, I redesigned the website with an emphasis on simplicity with a clean aesthetic to allow the amazing images to really pop.  

The responsive WordPress site was built by SpaceRace Digital.

the Forest design + engagement
Mountain Equipment Co-op catalogue, signs and email campaigns

We are all outsiders

Mountain Equipment Co-op

Back in the day, before MEC “become captured by the very retail structures that [they] fought against”, the Co-op was an adventurer’s candy store. And the catalogue was a primary source of information for co-op members, mailed to approximately 530,000 members nationwide in both official languages. I was very excited to work extensively on the MEC catalogue while on contract with MEC. I was responsible for creating all the non-product pages, including the very successful Big Wild teaser and the sustainability page, as well as  laying out product pages. 

I also designed various store signage and a multi-year, multi-platform holiday promotion based on the idea of “Wrapping up Adventure” that utilized a climbing rope and gift tag. The banners produced for every store’s entrance way used legitimate climbing knots, which was fun!

the Forest design + engagement
Various personal projects including laser cut wood, t-shirts, cards and wax stamp

You inspire me

Select personal projects

Beyond client work, I am often designing my own promotional materials, creating gifts, volunteering, or doing some sort of project that is fun.

Given the opportunity to learn and use a laser cutter, I made a mini forest and some wooden Forest logos. 

Interviewing creatives for a new podcast was inspiring, so I designed a set of “you inspire me” cards to give each guest so they could help share my notion that the motive is the message.

It is no secret… I love riding bicycles. I designed a series of t-shirts celebrating the noblest invention and its virtuous trajectory titled all bikes go to heaven

When it was time to sponsor youth soccer, I teamed up with my two elementary aged kids to design a jersey graphic that they would actually want to wear.

Imagine the shock when an ultrasound was taken showing that the addition to our family was already riding a bike! The image was used to announce our big news to family and friends.  

Handwritten letters are still sent in my family, so an official wax seal needed to be designed. I created a two headed cat, imagining our two black cats merging into one evil force for good.

the Forest design + engagement